YCDSB Consultant Receives Fr. Angus McDougall Award

The Board congratulates Kelly Pickard-Lefterys (Elementary Consultant: Religion, Family Life, and Equity) on being named this year’s recipient of the Fr. Angus MacDougall Award for Excellence in Family Life Education by the Catholic Association of Religion and Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO). Kelly has made valued contributions to Family Life Education at the board, provincial and national levels as a writer, staff developer and leader.

She helped to develop Catholic Resources for the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the Grade 9 Secondary Religious Education Resources and has also been engaged by Pearson as a writer/ reviewer for the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Religious Education Resource for Catholic Elementary Schools in Ontario. Kelly prepared numerous in-services, documents, videos and resources for the implementation of the 2015 Health and Physical Education Resources for Elementary and Secondary Religious Education, Family Life, and Physical Education Teachers. As a bilingual staff developer she has also delivered in-services for The Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario, (CPCO) and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and YCDSB regarding supporting LGBTQ+ students and staff.  Kelly also currently is chairperson of YCDSB’s Elementary Religious Education Advisory Committee (EREAC) which is comprised of stakeholders including the Local Bishop, Clergy, Lay Pastoral Staff, OECTA, Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators.

YCDSB congratulates and thanks Kelly for her inspiring dedication to Catholic Education.