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Ivor Cathcart steps-up to challenge

Every year, the York Catholic District School Board’s Wellness Committee challenges staff to “get moving” through its annual month-long Step Challenge. The Step Challenge encouraged staff to first register for the challenge by aiming to take at least 125,000 steps during the month that the competition ran for. Participants would log their results and any staff who achieved at least 125,000 steps during the challenge qualified to be entered into a draw to win a grand prize of a new mountain bike and accessories or one of three secondary prizes.

Superintendent of Human Resources, Employee Relations, Lynda Coulter, presented Ivor Cathcart, Student Support Counsellor, at Sacred Heart CHS, with the grand prize. Ivor took 493,000 steps during the challenge. Ivor stepped-up to the challenge through a combined approach of working out, and integrating the challenge into his daily routines.

“I’ve been using the treadmill, elliptical machines and participating in spin classes at the gym” says Ivor. “Everyday, in my work at Sacred Heart, I also make multiple trips up to the second and third floors and back again to check on students.”

At the start of the challenge, Ivor set a goal for himself to walk/run 5 km on the treadmill, but halfway through the challenge he blew by his goal and is now working on covering 10 km by the summer.

The challenge encourages staff to not only improve their health through regular physical activity, but also to be more conscious of their health and health needs. Some of the many health benefits of the challenge include reducing fatigue, controlling one’s weight, improved mental health, and achieving stronger muscles and bones.