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Holy Family students have big dreams

Grade 2/3 students in Mrs. Pitino’s class at Holy Family Catholic Elementary School in Thornhill recently participated in a special workshop organized by Mrs. Artuso, a parent in the school community. Students were asked to bring in images from magazines, personal photographs, hand drawn pictures and other visual reminders of things and traits they dreamed of for themselves, and for the world. Students then created ‘dream boards’, a collage depicting their dreams.

The dream board workshop inspired the young students to ‘dream big,’ set goals for themselves, and taught them to always reflect on where they are in life and where they want to be. Students discussed the importance of faith in their daily lives. Faith was framed as the culmination of thoughts and concrete actions taken by an individual in order to transform those thoughts into reality, thus achieving their dreams. Students also took home messages surrounding the importance of perseverance, in order to work through problems and barriers they may face in future aspirations. Students were reminded of the ultimate power which unfolds through our faith and the knowledge of God’s presence and his immense love for us.

Along with dreams of caring for puppies and new toys, students also shared aspirations including: “becoming a doctor to save lives,” “feeding those who are poor,” and “building houses that fly.” May God bless them on their journey.

Excitement in the class was heightened as the workshop was videotaped by Rogers TV. Watch the video.