American History: CHA3U (Grade 11, University Preparation)

Semester 1
Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied
Credit Value

This course explores key aspects of the social, economic and political development of the United States from precontact to the present.  Students will examine the contributions of groups and individuals to the country’s evolution and will explore the historical context of key issues, trends and events that have had an impact on the United States, its identity and culture, and its role in the global community.  Students will extend their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence, when investigating various forces that helped shape American history.

Topics to be explored


Unit 1: The United States, precontact to 1791

  • Exploration, contact
  • Colonial life, the Puritans
  • Thirteen Colonies
  • British policies on American colonies
  • Seven Years’ War
  • American Revolution
  • Birth of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights

Unit 2: The United States, 1791-1877

  • Establishment of the political parties
  • Jacksonian democracy
  • Electoral process
  • Birth of social reform
  • Slavery
  • The Civil War
  • Discrimination in post-Civil War American society

Unit 3: The United States, 1877-1945

  • Domestic policy
  • American foreign policy
  • Social reform movements
  • Social conflict and the Jim Crow era
  • World War 1
  • The Gilded Age
  • The Stock Market Crash & the response to the Great Depression
  • World War 2

Unit 4: The United States since 1945

  • Cold War and America’s foreign policies
  • Consumer culture
  • McCarthyism
  • Watergate
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Vietnam War
  • The counterculture
  • 9/11