Nicolas Bottger

Senior Student Trustee


Personal Statement

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to make a difference. I would hear about some of the struggles in the world, many caused by lack of education, misinformation, or ignorance. I believe that education expands people’s horizons like nothing else does. Since I was 7 I have wanted to become a politician, influencing the world as we know it, improving it, however possible. It all starts with a better education.

School is not just about writing essays and taking tests; it is about truly understanding what you have been taught. It is not just a place to learn all the fundamentals of the curriculum, but rather, it is a place to create new experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe that a true education encompasses not only the theoretical aspects of school, but also what you do with your own time; what clubs and councils you choose to get involved with.

As students, we are not alone in anything we do. We have friends, family, and teachers to support us through tough times and with endeavours we champion. I find that they are always there to have our backs. Sometimes it might seem difficult, but with guidance, we can overcome any obstacles we face.

Most importantly, we have God watching over us. Being in the Catholic system, we develop with our traditional values, learning most of all, to love one another. Although it can be easily forgotten in the world we live in, love transcends all possible boundaries.

I am most grateful for the education and opportunities I’ve received during my time at St. Stephen CES and Father Bressani CHS, however, I believe there is always room for improvement. If you have a great idea about how to make our schools better, or if you need help navigating our school system, let me know. Working together we can truly make a difference!


Nicolas Bottger is the Senior Student Trustee for the York Catholic District School Board. He is in Grade 12 at Father Bressani Catholic High School in Woodbridge.

During his time at Father Bressani CHS, Nicolas has served in the school’s Student and Executive Councils. He also led the creation of the first DECA Chapter at his school, a club that prepares students with practical business knowledge and experience. This year, Nicolas will act as the inaugural President of Father Bressani’s new model United Nations club.

Outside of school, Nicolas was a Junior Team Canada Ambassador, representing Canadian Industries on Trade Missions abroad. He is also an Air Cadet Sergeant.

Nicolas was born in Peru and moved to the United States when he was four years old. After six years in the United States, his family moved to Canada, where they have since settled. Having made Canada his new home, Nicolas seeks to give students a strong, active, and reliable voice. He seeks to equally represent students from all schools, taking that representation to the provincial level as needed.