Students can now Report It!

On September 29th, the York Catholic District School Board launched Report It!, a new online feature that students can use to report bullying, violent incidents, vandalism, and other inappropriate behaviours to their school principals.

Report It! gives students an opportunity to confidentially report bullying incidents. All tips and information received will be investigated. The Report It! webpage is intended for non-emergency incidents only and students requiring immediate help are encouraged to speak to a trusted adult, or call Kids Help Phone or 911, as appropriate.

“The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority,” said Michael Nasello, Superintendent, School Leadership and Safe Schools. “Although we encourage students to report incidents directly to school staff or their parents, we realize that some students may be fearful to report inappropriate behaviour in person. This new initiative provides additional support for those students.”

Report It! is designed for student use only. Adults, including parents, staff, and community members should report any incidents directly to the school principal. All incidents submitted through Report It!will follow the same protocol and attention as incidents reported directly to school staff.

The York Catholic District School Board believes that all members of its learning community have the right to a safe learning and teaching environment and that each person is responsible for creating and sustaining that environment. Respect for self and others, contributing to the common good, accepting accountability and responsibility for one’s own actions, seeking and granting forgiveness, acting morally and legally as a person formed in the Catholic traditions, and the promotion of self-discipline are cornerstones of this belief.