Collaborative art creation at St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS

The Grade 12 graduating visual arts class at St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS in Aurora created a collaborative work of art inspired by their study of non-objective art and the works of Jackson Pollock.

Under the direction art teacher, Mr. Viaes, students have been exploring and focusing on the idea of creating art from a non-representational form, and creating works that force the viewer to appreciate and understand abstract art from an entirely different perspective.

“Abstract art is open to interpretation, and that is what makes it so interesting,” said Mr. Viaes.

In the process of creating these collaborative works of art, students were given a limited amount of time in which each student had the opportunity to individually or in pairs, apply paint to the surface of the canvas without physically touching the work. These parameters forced students to focus on the creation process and not the planning, which at times can hinder self-expression.

Students explored various different techniques and methods of applying the paint from splattering, dripping, pouring, using their own hair/hands, and generally any method they desired in which was going to transfer paint to the artwork.

The making of these works of art were a fantastic experience in which all the students had the freedom and opportunity to fully explore the creation process of an abstract expressionist work of art.

The student artworks will be among the many pieces on exhibit between, January 5 – 20, at the Aurora Cultural Center.