St. Justin Martyr staff collect items, prepare food for the Good Shepherd

Staff from St. Justin, Martyr Catholic Elementary School in Unionville stayed at work late on Friday, December 12, in order to cook casseroles for the Good Shepherd Centre’s ‘Provide a Meal’ program.

In total, the participating staff members cooked up nine chili beef casseroles, which is enough to serve 90 people who are homeless or in need. Originally, the group’s goal was to prepare five casseroles, but the enthusiastic staff volunteers easily surpassed their goal as the participants enjoyed cooking together for a good cause.

St. Justin, Martyr staff also contributed to a staff “Mitten Tree,” during Advent. The items from the tree were packaged and dropped off to the Good Shepherd Centre, along with the casseroles.

The Good Shepherd Centre is run by the Good Shepherd Ministries, which was founded in 1963 to serve people who struggle with homelessness and poverty. The Good Shepherd Centre offers meals, shelter, clothing, medical care, addictions and crisis intervention counseling, pastoral care, access to showers, and much more, to people in need.

Groups interested in participating in the Centre’s ‘Provide a Meal’ program, or donating food or money to the program, can call the Centre at 416-869-3619, ext. 277.