VERITAS art show examines the truth found in art

Students at Sacred Heart CHS in Newmarket participated in the first annual VERITAS, juried art show on November 26, 2014.

The show was a collaborative project led by Luisa Capelet, Arts Department Head at Sacred Heart, and Father Roy Roberts, Pastor at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church. It was open to all of the school’s students and took place at church.

Visitors to the show were greeted by the Sacred Heart string ensemble led by John Kaminsky.

“Finding truth and the essence of our own humanity is embedded in creativity,” said Luisa Capelet. “Young artists play a vital role in this expression and it is this inspiration which becomes a call for us to engage. The art show reinforced the beauty of our Catholic school faith through the truth found in art.”

Director of Education, Patricia Preston acted as one of the jurors who spent the afternoon immersed in art and presented awards to the student artists. Awards were given to students in the area of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography and Media Arts.