Markham schools aim to reduce waste

Mother Teresa CES – Zero Waste Classrooms

On October 24, 2016, Mother Teresa CES embarked on a journey to have zero waste generated from the classrooms. The City of Markham helped the school with this goal by speaking to students about the waste and recycling at two school assemblies. The assemblies promote the goal of recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of materials and waste from the classrooms, including organic materials such as left-over sandwiches.

The city of Markham also provided recycling bins to the schools to help with this endeavour.

St. John XXIII CES – Textile Recycling Challenge

The St. John XXIII CES school community participated in a Textile Recycling Challenge during Waste Reduction Week, October 17-21.  Students, staff and parents gained a better understanding of what constitutes textile recycling. Textiles items ​include clothes, shoes, drapes, rugs, etc.   St. John XXIII was the only school in York Catholic invited to participate in this pilot initiative sponsored by the City of Markham. The school challenge was a huge success as it collected 1,3​74​ pounds of recyclable textiles.

On Thursday, October 27th, City of Markham Councillor, Don Hamilton, and staff from the City of Markham presented St. John XXIII CES with a certificate of recognition. It also awarded Mme Mantoura’s Grade 2 French Immersion class with a pizza lunch for being the class that collected the most textile​s in the school.