Students join YRP in handing out “tickets” to unsafe drivers

In October, students from St. Nicholas CES and St. Michael the Archangel CES joined York Regional Police officers in enforcing the rules of the road and educating motorists on safe driving in school zones as part of road safety events near each school.

The officers and students were trying to educate drivers of the importance of driving carefully in school zones, especially during school hours. York Regional Police officers targeted five preventable offences that contribute to death and serious injury on our roadways: Seatbelt infractions, stop sign infractions, speeding, distracted and aggressive driving.

Officers were stationed near the schools and stopped vehicles that were in violation of the Highway Traffic Act. St. Nicholas and St. Michael the Archangel students worked with officers to speak to drivers about the dangers of unsafe driving in school zones. Drivers received warnings as well as mock tickets that were designed by the students. The creative tickets helped to deliver the message about the importance of road safety around their school.

York Regional Police reminds all motorists to drive defensively and courteously. Obey school zone speed limits and crossing guards. Watch carefully for enthusiastic children who may not be watching themselves. Avoid speeding in residential neighbourhoods and obey the laws governing school buses.