San Lorenzo Ruiz CES joins in on the Olympic Fun!

In spirit of the Winter Olympics, the Healthy School Committee at San Lorenzo Ruiz CES in Markham created a “Pass the Olympic Torch” Daily Physical Activity (DPA) initiative. This year, the committee set a goal to promote physical activity into the daily lives of its students and staff and thought that the Olympics would be a great way to motivate the school community and help it reach this goal.

The “Pass the Olympic Torch” DPA is a relay event that takes place each morning at the school, during the Olympics. A torch is given to a teacher in each of the school’s divisions (kindergarten, primary, junior and intermediate), along with an Olympic fact. After the Olympic fact is shared with the class, all students participate in a four minute exercise, which changes daily. Upon completion of the physical activity, the torch is passed to the next teacher in that division until all classes have participated.

This initiative has really helped San Lorenzo students and staff get into the Olympic spirit while promoting physical fitness. Go Canada Go!