St. Charles Garnier Student Wins Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Poster Challenge

The Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) encourages Grade 5 students across the Province to annually participate in a Poster Challenge. They invite students to create posters that tell others what they value about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The challenge helps students to become more community-minded, politically aware and productive citizens, overall making the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms more meaningful and personal for students.​

This year the OJEN received approximately 500 entries! It was a challenging task for court staff to make their selection on the winning poster for their judicial region.

We are proud to announce that the winner for Central East Judicial Region is Anabella Sung in Mrs. Camillo’s Gr.5 Pace class! Her poster has been printed, framed and displayed in the Newmarket Courthouse. On Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 the Grade 5 PACE students from St. Charles Garnier were invited to the Newmarket Courthouse to celebrate Anabella’s poster. Members of the Judiciary greeted our students with a tour of the courthouse, teaching them about law enforcement, the roles and responsibilities of judicial staff and Judicial level of Canadian Government.