Grade 9 students have a ‘blast’ at music workshop

Over 60 Grade 9 students from St. Robert CHS, St. Elizabeth CHS and Holy Cross CA participated in York Catholic’s fourth annual Beginner’s Blast music workshop on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

Beginner’s Blast is an instrumental enhancement workshop and group performance for Grade 9 music students. It provides beginner instrumentalists with an opportunity to strengthen their instrumental skills and perform with their peers from other high schools.

During the first half of the day, students were given specialized instrumental instruction by professional composer and conductor, Vince Gassi. Gassi is a world-class musician and has won many awards for his compositions and conducting. During the second half of the day, students gathered as one large ensemble to perform as a band in a mini-concert for their parents with Gassi as the conductor.

Thanks to YCDSB music teachers Ms. Nagy and Mr. DiGirolamo from St. Robert CHS, Mr. Han from St. Elizabeth, and Ms. Serbu from Holy Cross for organizing the fun-filled, musical day for their students and ensuring that all participants had a ‘blast.’