Eco Fair at Markham’s San Lorenzo Ruiz

San Lorenzo Ruiz CES in Markham recently held its second annual Eco Science Fair. With months of preparation, the intermediate students from Mrs. DeSpirt, Mr. McCusker, and Mr. Yuen’s classes took the initiative to organize a variety of environmental displays.

The goal of this event was to inform and help the community become aware of the countless local and global environmental issues. Many concerns were highlighted including: how plastic affects our oceans and our marine life, the effect of landfill growth on our future, the hidden environmental truth behind major corporations, and much more.  There was also a game at the food waste section that used real bananas as controllers to move a character, an actual model of a moving electrical car, and a raffle draw at the textile station.

Students, staff and many special guest visitors who attended the Eco Fair were very impressed by the informative trifolds, educational books, and creative models the students presented. Each project was surely an inspiration and reminder to all that we are responsible to care for our planet.