St. Raphael The Archangel CES Chosen To Represent YCDSB In Global Environmental Study

On September 19th St. Raphael the Archangel CES (SRA) hosted an interactive day of Environmental Action, welcoming researchers from the University Of St. Andrews in Scotland to a special edition of the SRA ‘Milk Mats’ Weaving Workshop.

Under the auspices of a Universal Scholarship, Biology Graduate Students Milly Clover and Sophie Dorothe Lieke consulted with Angela Kesthely, founder of MILKBAGS Unlimited,

hand-picking SRA for one of the Canadian research stops in their “PLASTIC: Unwrapped” initiative. The project looks at individual and group efforts globally to battle the current plastics pandemic.

As dedicated stewards of the environment, SRA’s reputation for producing sturdy mats and stuffed pillows from discarded milk bags came to the attention of the UK scientists.

“We believe that there is no single solution to the plastic problem,” said Clover and Lieke. “Instead, solutions need to address local issues and reflect the local context. Milk bags are very common in Ontario and a few other provinces, but they are not prevalent elsewhere. Seeing something that has a social value which ultimately uses plastic as a resource is directly in keeping with our aims. So when we connected with MILKBAGS Unlimited, we knew we had to come to Canada to check it out!”

In addition, the SRA event included a presentation by the University of St. Andrews team. The interaction was a tremendous motivator for the student participants, providing new learning and inspiration for upcoming eco projects throughout the school year.

During their Canadian stay Clover and Lieke also visited with seniors actively engaging in similar eco-solutions. “Working with school students, the elderly and everyone in between truly reinforced our belief that we all need to assume some environmental responsibility. Regardless of age, individuals can make changes which together can bring about a difference.”

Big thanks to SRA Principal Parmigiano, together with their Luke 4:18 students, the ECO Team and all Teacher leads for organizing this inclusive, faith-based activity.

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