YCDSB Students Reach Top of Competitive Stacking World!

National Team Places In Top 10 at Junior Olympics

For more than a decade, students across the YCDSB have been participating in the hugely popular international activity of Sport Stacking as part of the physical education curriculum, both as a rainy day activity, or part of a Family Fitness night.  Many of these students have taken their passion to the next level, determined to increase their speed, refine technique, and support their team mates, competing in the popular “Battle of the Schools” Sport Stacking event.

Now, having reached various levels of accomplishment, from Provincial and National records to qualifying for elite teams, many of these YCDSB ambassadors have gone on to represent Canada at an international level.  This past summer, YCDSB students competing for Canada at the Junior Olympics held in Greensboro North Carolina, ALL placed in the TOP 10 Overall – a tremendous showing!

St. Joseph Markham Physical Education teacher Jeffrey Howell, one of the coaches of Team Canada recognizes the opportunity for all YCDSB students to try this new sport, enjoy a team environment, and develop a wide range of competitive and life skills. “With the 2020 Junior Olympics happening in Virginia Beach, and the 2021 World Championships soon to be announced, we look forward to helping develop new talent, and having many students representing Canada.”

Congratulations to all our YCDSB National Team Stackers!

  • Aidan T: St. Joseph CES Markham
  • Antonin W: t. Joseph CES Markham
  • Sedrik W: St. Joseph CES Markham
  • Ella F: Joseph CES Markham
  • Victoria S: Joseph CES Markham
  • Dean S: Joseph CES Markham
  • Caseyna P: Julia Billiart CES
  • Janelle P: St. Julia Billiart CES
  • Jeongwoo Joshua H: St. John Paul II CES
  • Rithka J: Sir Richard W Scott CES
  • Maya J: Sir Richard W Scott CES

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