St. Augustine celebrates new and rekindles old friendships with an inclusive Best Buddies Day Dance

Friendship is in the air at the York Catholic District School Board.

For the fourth year in a row, York Catholic schools, in partnership with Best Buddies Canada, an organization that pairs students living with intellectual disabilities with neurotypical peers, hosted a Best Buddies Day Dance. This year, students and staff at St. Augustine Catholic High School hosted the dance for more than 180 high school students across York Catholic to celebrate new and strengthen old friendships.

“The goal of this event is to bring together students from across the Board to celebrate friendships. I’m so proud of our students who led this event to ensure everyone had the opportunity to participate and have fun,” said Michelle Kim, Department Head of Special Education at St. Augustine.

Students at St. Augustine’s Best Buddies Chapter group is comprised of 40 members with seven student leaders on the executive team. Together, they worked to ensure the event was an evening filled with fun, food, laughter and dance!

Angela Santiago, a Best Buddy member at St. Augustine CHS said, “I liked the dance because I am a dancer. The best part of the night was being with my Best Buddies. I got to sing my Justin Bieber song, “Baby,” on stage.

“The dance was an amazing experience. Seeing everyone with a huge smile on their faces really brightened our day,” said Sophie Nadalini, student at St. Augustine CHS.

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