Cardinal Carter spreads Christmas cheer to family in need

The Christmas Sharing Council at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School led by Ann Brand, Department Head for Technology and Computer Studies, and Daniella Campitelli, Special Education Teacher, is making the holidays a little brighter for a local family of four.

“Normally we host a Christmas Market Fair and use the money we make from that to spread Christmas cheer for a local family in need,” said Brand. “But this year, we were not able to host a fair so we weren’t sure if we would be able to sponsor a family. But thanks to the kindness and generosity of our staff, students and their families, we were able to pull together a wonderful and plentiful Christmas for this family.”

The Christmas Market Fair Council is made up of seven students and two teacher advisors who conducted meetings over Google Meet and discussed how they can arrange for gifts and donations while adhering to all health and safety protocols.

“These amazing students asked how they can help,” said Brand. “They really wanted to do something for someone in our community who needed it. They emailed and called local businesses and extended family to ask for donations. Many students even donated their own money from their savings or part time jobs. They really went the extra mile and I’m very proud of them.”

Brand and Campitelli will deliver the items to the family on December 17, 2020 which include: clothes, gifts, food, games, grocery gift cards, toiletries, toboggans and gift wrap. “This family is so sweet. They only listed the needs of the children but we know Christmas is for the whole family so we wanted to make sure that mom and dad were taken care of too.”

Canadian Tire also generously donated a vacuum to the family, and staff donated to a collection to purchase gifts and clothing for the parents as well. “We are lucky to live in this community where so many people come forward and ask ‘how can I help’, and together we will make this Christmas unforgettable for this family,” said Brand and Campitelli.