Student creations are ‘out of this world’

Students in Marc Minichillo’s Grade 8 class at Christ the King CES in Richmond Hill recently studied surrealism and were challenged to create digital art that demonstrates juxtaposition and automatism.

Prior to working on the art assignment students identified and analyzed the social, political and economic factors that influenced the creation of surrealist art. They were taught various editing techniques such as altering rotations, order and transparency of the image layers, adding vectored text and images, and adding reflections. The students were encouraged to create art without defined parameters but rather based on ideas that ‘popped into their heads.’  The resulting work was dreamlike, intriguing, and ‘out of this world.’

“I was blown away at the technique and symbolism the students used,” said Minichillo. “I taught the students different methods on Google Draw and they implemented those skills in unique and amazing ways.”

View a slideshow of the students’ work.