June is Pride Month

June is the month traditionally devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which for Catholics is a sign and symbol of God’s boundless and passionate love for all humanity. This month, and each and every month, our Catholic schools are committed to nurturing safe and inclusive learning environments where every student and every member of the community is welcomed, valued, and respected. 

As Cardinal Collins stated in a recent letter, the Cross is the ultimate symbol of inclusion in our school communities. Christ died for each and every one of us. The cross is the primary symbol of our Christian faith: it draws us to contemplate the generous and sacrificial love of Jesus, as he lays down his life for all of us. In a world that would crucify an innocent man, Jesus returns love for hatred and says: “Father,  forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) 

The love represented by the cross is that sacrificial love, centered not on self, but on others. The cross outside Catholic schools and any Catholic church, hospital or institution, signals our  commitment that all who enter the building are welcomed and loved in their beauty and uniqueness as children of God. 

As Catholics, we believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of a God who created us and loves us unconditionally – just as we are. We are called to know, love and celebrate one another, just as God knows, loves and celebrates each one of us because we are wonderfully made. We honour the inherent dignity in each other by treating one another with sensitivity, compassion and respect.