STL Model UN Success Story

STL Model United Nations Lead as Socially Responsible Global Citizens

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations that allows student delegates to work with others to create a resolution that solves the issues present within the council and align with their country’s values. It is more than just debating; it builds character and confidence. Collectively, it allows students to improve on their leadership, public speaking, and problem solving skills. At the end of each conference, awards are given out to delegates that have stood out during the committee session. Overall, MUN is an excellent opportunity for students to think outside the box and connect with other students, as well as form friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. St. Theresa of Lisieux’s Model United Nations chapter has had a great start to their year. At our weekly meetings, over fifty passionate students come together on Google Meet and formally debate on a wide range of pressing world issues, such as the negative impacts of the critically acclaimed app “TikTok,” as well as the Rohingyan Refugee crisis. Through these meetings, a sense of community was formed amongst the chapter and has allowed us to grow stronger together. STLMUN has had to adapt over the past few months in preparation for their upcoming virtual conferences. Nonetheless, each delegate has exceeded our expectations and delivered amazing contributions to their debates. With the virtual setting, our MUN team has had the opportunity to attend international conferences and debate amongst students from all over the world. Over the span of three conferences, our team has represented St. Theresa of Lisieux with pride, capturing a total of nine awards! However, the year is not over yet, and the executive team is looking forward to continuing to proudly represent STL and the YCDSB.

In December 2020, STL’s Model United Nations Chapter hosted its first ever In-House Conference. The delegates debated on pressing world issues such as biological weapons and the effects of plastic on our environment. Each member demonstrated tremendous effort and dedication, which helped to make the conference a huge success. In February 2021, thirty delegates represented STL at the University of Toronto’s Model United Nations Conference. The conference usually runs over the span of four days in downtown Toronto. However, this year, it was conducted over Zoom. Regardless of the challenges the pandemic presented, every member displayed immense dedication, diplomacy, and respect, and five of STL’s members won awards in their respective committees.

In February 2021, for the first time ever, STLMUN attended the North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference. NAIMUN is one of the oldest and most prestigious high school Model United Nations conferences in the world, and it is the largest conference held in the Western hemisphere. Thirty-one STLMUN delegates attended the conference, in addition to over 3,000 delegates from all over the world. Despite the extremely competitive nature of the conference, two of STL’s delegates won awards in their respective committees, and every single delegate worked hard to represent our school and our country on an international level.  In February 2021, STLMUN also attended the Western Model United Nations Conference held at Western University, one of the top universities in Canada. While the majority of the conference was solely for university students, five of STL’s delegates participated in a committee open to high school students. STL swept through the conference and obtained all of the awards for their committee despite being up against university students, evidently showcasing their hard work and debating skills. Finally, in March 2021, STLMUN will be attending Central Peel Secondary School’s Model United Conference and the annual conference the YCDSB organizes in May. The delegates will debate on topics ranging from the French Revolution to George Orwell’s 1984, and even Grey’s Anatomy! Overall, STL is extremely proud of all of our delegates and is looking forward to a successful rest of the year!

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Saggese

MUN Executive Team: Brian Lee, Daniela Valenzuela Neto, Lauren Kim, Sabrina Arcuri

STLMUN In-House Conference Award Winners

  • United Nations Environment Programme Best Delegate: Amber Dhall
  • United Nations Environment Programme Outstanding Delegate: Amelie Kolnik
  • United Nations Environment Programme Honourable Mention: Benson Ye
  • United Nations Environment Programme Honourable Mention: Apollo Cezar
  • United Nations Environment Programme Best Position Paper: Lillian Zhang
  • United Nations Security Council – Best Delegate: Sahej Saini
  • United Nations Security Council – Outstanding Delegate: Mark Maulucci
  • United Nations Security Council – Honourable Mention: Grace Avveduto
  • United Nations Security Council – Honourable Mention: Jonathan Stringer
  • United Nations Security Council – Best Position Paper: Miriam Youssef

UTMUN 2021 Award Winners

  • European Central Bank Best Position Paper: Albert Li
  • United Nations Capital Development Fund Honourable Mention: Lillian Zhang
  • UN Women Best Position Paper: Miriam Youssef
  • International Labour Organization Best Delegate: Amelie Kolnik
  • International Labour Organization Honourable Mention: Hande Soran

NAIMUN 2021 Award Winners

  • Third Committee SOCHUM Honourable Mentions: Amber Dhall
  • British House of Commons Honourable Mentions: Sahej Saini


  • SDG 13: Climate Migration Specialized Agency Best Delegate: Daniela Valenzuela Neto
  • SDG 13: Climate Migration Specialized Agency Outstanding Delegate – Sahej Saini