Safety Awareness Week 2021

October 17-23

The York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) has a primary responsibility and goal to ensure a safe learning environment for all students and staff in our school communities.

As part of our ongoing safety initiatives, schools in the York Catholic District School Board, this week.  All of our drills and practice procedures align with current guidance from both York Public Health and local First Responders (Fire and Police).

The week of October 17 to 23 has been designated as “Safety Awareness Week” at YCDSB. During this week, schools are practising a variety of safety procedures to acquaint students and staff with the precautionary steps to take in the event such things occur. Examples include a warning of severe weather, an intruder, police activity in the area, or a fire evacuation.

In addition, throughout the year, schools hold practice drills to acquaint students with various emergency protocols. Teachers also review these procedures with students in class prior to the practice drills.

During Safety Awareness Week students and staff will be reviewing and practicing their evacuation routes and safe locations both inside and outside the school building. We must take every opportunity to ensure that procedures are followed in the interest of staff and student safety.

For instance, did you know that schools are mandated by the Ontario Fire Code to hold six fire evacuation drills within each school year? Typically, schools hold three drills in the fall during Safety Awareness Week and three drills in the spring.