St. Elizabeth Seton families walked to school with Newmarket Mayor, John Taylor!

Families celebrated Winter Walk Month and active school travel

Families walking to St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Elementary School on February 16 were invited to celebrate Winter Walk Month and Walking Wednesday with a special guest, the Mayor of Newmarket, John Taylor!  The Mayor and Councilor Jane Twinney joined families, as well as active school travel partners from the York Catholic District School Board, the Town of Newmarket, York Region and Smart Commute to celebrate the school’s participation in the Active School Travel program. 

Before walking the last few hundred meters to the school, Mayor Taylor shared some opening remarks engaging with the students and reminding families why active school travel is important. A few local St. Elizabeth Seton staff members made a special effort and walked from home. Along with the walkers, bus riders were also recognized and provided winter walk day stickers. This program also encourages students to ride the bus for those who qualify. It was a great morning and celebration!

The Active School Travel program encourages more active modes of transportation when traveling to and from school. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of cars and traffic congestion in school zones. There are many benefits to active school travel including improved physical and mental health, reduced air pollution and reduced traffic congestion to name a few. 

The Active School Travel program encourages walking all year round. Being outside more often allows children to develop a stronger immune system and there are also numerous other physical and mental health benefits. When it’s snowy, walking to school and playing outside in the winter gives children the opportunity to develop and strengthen their overall muscular system. Walking in the snow encourages balancing and using new muscles that are often not used. 

Thanks to the Region of York for distributing goodies to the students and thank you to all families who participated.