2022-2023 Virtual School Registration

The Ministry of Education has directed school boards to provide a remote learning, virtual school option for students. To accurately prepare for next year, this survey is being conducted now in order to ensure that the number of classes needed for a virtual school can be allocated from our overall student enrolment. This is because the process used to prepare our classes for the next school year takes place early in April.

Please fill out the short survey below ONLY if you want to request remote learning in a virtual school for your child for the 2022-2023 school year. If you have more than one child for whom you want to request remote learning, please complete a separate survey for each child.

In order to assist your family in making your decision the following should be considered:

      • The virtual school will not be attached to any existing school. There will be no hybrid learning. Students will be in a virtual classroom with a teacher assigned centrally from the school board for the entire school year. Instruction will be synchronous.
      • Specialty programs will not be available in the virtual elementary or secondary school (i.e. French Immersion, Italian, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement/PACE, Regional Arts, High Performance Athlete, etc.)
      • There will be many split classes in the virtual elementary and secondary school.
      • There will be a limited number of elective course offerings for secondary school students. Many courses such as physical education will not be available virtually.  While every effort will be made to provide a variety of elective courses, families choosing remote must recognize that the number of electives will be limited and will not be finalized until the start of the school year. It is important to note that some post-secondary programs may require specialized course credits. Please be aware that selecting the virtual school option may limit your access to course offerings required for post-secondary program admissions.
      • Co-curricular activities and all celebrations, including Grade 8 and 12 Graduation will only be available virtually for the virtual school.
      • Courses taken at the virtual school cannot be used toward the two eLearning credits required for graduation. However, students may be able to take a daytime eLearning asynchronous course to satisfy this graduation requirement if the course is available or if they have already selected it for next year.
      • Students with special education needs will continue to be supported in both in-person learning or virtual learning.

The deadline to submit this survey is midnight on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

2022-2023 Virtual School Registration Form

Thank you for your understanding as we carefully plan for the 2022-2023 school year.