STREAM CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE: “A Bold Vision For The Future of Learning At York Catholic”

“With God, all things are possible”  Matthew 19:26


In an increasingly complex world, teachers and parents find themselves preparing students for 21st century pathways and careers that are still emerging, and not yet fully defined. In the exciting space known as “tech” or “next”, students will need to develop both a diverse set of new skills, and a different way of thinking about the world. 

In bringing to life a unique, faith-filled integration of core disciplines – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – ‘STREAM’ prepares students as Catholic global citizens to adapt their learning and foster their faith at a higher level; meeting change, and ultimately, the future, where it’s happening…right now.



Guided by foundational Gospel Values and Catholic Virtues including empathy, solidarity and responsibility, as well the five universal principles of Social Justice – equity, access, participation, diversity and human rights, a powerful framework for 21st century learning and innovation has been developed.  

Beyond linear tech-based learning, STREAM students also look broadly at enriching society by creating an advanced, inquiry-based approach to critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving. In developing students as new thinkers, STREAM creates and supports a learning environment that is fluid, relevant and caring.


At six dedicated STREAM Centres of Excellence, a series of innovative, inquiry-based learning experiences are open to all YCDSB
students from K-12:

*Design Thinking *Experiential Learning 
*Robotics *3D Printing
*Coding *Virtual Reality





All Saints CES (Markham) Our Lady of Grace CES (Aurora)
Corpus Christi CES (Richmond Hill) St. Agnes of Assisi CES (Woodbridge)
Divine Mercy CES (Maple) St. Stephen CES (Woodbridge



        • Laptops, iPADs, digital whiteboards, 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics and coding kits, are standard in each centre
        • Innovative furniture design has been applied to encourage creativity, design thinking and collaboration. Fixtures including whiteboard tables, bean bag chairs and work benches function and move with the students and their project needs.
        • Each room is colour coded, and dedicated to minds and spirits in action




The STREAM Centres of Excellence will act as an extension of the YCDSB’s Catholic faith community, ensuring Catholic Graduate Expectations, Catholic Social Teachings and Digital Discipleship are infused into all levels of the learning experience. 

SOCIAL JUSTICE The STREAM mindset also encourages students to apply learning to problem solving in their school, their town or globally through the lens of social justice – seeking to do the right thing, and striving to do what is necessary for the betterment of others. 

The term social justice was developed in the mid-1800s by the Jesuit scholar and social commentator Luigi Tapparelli d’Azeglio, igniting a global values-based framework that would grow to guide thinking, advocacy, and ultimately, action for improving conditions in society.





Father Tapparelli would be so proud of all STREAM-ers at York Catholic!





Inspired by the official STREAM Prayer, members of the YCDSB Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team and Curriculum & Assessment group are offering up messages of encouragement for students and teachers in the spirit of participation and solidarity:

“Together with the Board of Trustees, I am delighted to see our shared vision for this truly innovative learning opportunity come to life. Developing and positioning this key program offering has been a source of joy and inspiration for both our Trustee and Senior Leadership teams. We look forward to students and families across York Region discovering the exciting features and benefits of next-level learning with STREAM.”
Elizabeth Crowe – Chair of the Board of Trustees


“Within the STREAM program, we position students to meet the future right where it’s happening – in each new moment of discovery, in the thrill of mastering new skills, in the joy of growing as Catholic global citizens. Our prayers and good wishes go out to all our STREAMers across the YCDSB. Tomorrow is yours, you can do anything!” – Domenic Scuglia – Director of Education


“The STREAM Centres of Excellence will not only provide rich innovative learning experiences for all York Catholic students, they will also serve as capacity building hubs for staff across our system. These immersive lessons foster a partnership between classroom teachers and STREAM teachers that spans across pre-visit, during-visit and post-visit learning.”  Anthony Arcadi – Superintendent of Curriculum & Assessment 


“Through the STREAM Centres of Excellence, we strive to ignite curiosity, evoke passion and inspire innovative thinking while ensuring students have an opportunity to recognize and share their God-given gifts and talents. The most powerful part of this journey has been witnessing these innovative spaces come alive with the spirit and excitement of students of all ages.”  -Marisa Benakis – STREAM Consultant, K-12


Next Time: 

The YCDSB Spotlight on STREAM will continue with coverage of the Grand Opening Ceremonies on March 31st. Stay tuned for event highlights, photos and more.