St. Robert CHS students achieved World’s #1 team standing in three University of Waterloo Math Contests

The York Catholic District School Board is excited to share that team St. Robert took home the World’s team champion title in three University of Waterloo math contests this Spring, and the Canadian team champion title in four math contests.  The Thornhill team placed 1st in the World in the Fryer, Hypatia and Euclid contests, as well as 1st in Canada and 2nd in the world in the Galois contest. The Fryer, Galois and Hypatia (FGH) Contests are fun, engaging contests written by students in grades 9, 10 and 11 that inspire creative problem-solving. The top 5 eligible students in each contest are recognized below:


Fryer Contest:  Feiyang Xu, Jeffrey Hu, Andrew Zheng, Ruwan Kadam, Man Hei Cheng

Galois Contest:  Charlotte Wong, Brianna Xiao, Darren Chu, Samuel Zhang, Daniel Hu

Hypatia Contest:  Jimmy Zhou, Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang, Raymond Wu, Ethan Huang, Jingyuan (Oscar) Sun


A special congratulations goes to grade 10 student Charlotte Wong, and grade 11 students Ethan Huang, Raymond Wu, Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang, and Jimmy Zhou, who scored perfect on the Galois and Hypatia Contests respectively.  

The Euclid Contest gives senior-level secondary-school students the opportunity to tackle novel problems with creativity and all of the knowledge they’ve gained in secondary-school mathematics.  The 75th percentile score in this year’s contest is 68 out of 100.  YCDSB congratulates grade 12 student Zixi (Sam) Tang, and grade 11 students Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang, Jimmy Zhou (tied for top 3), and Ethan Huang (tied for top 3) for their remarkable top team score of 285 out of 300.

In addition to the paper contests, six St. Robert students also took part in the official 2022 Canadian Team Mathematics Contest (CTMC) in April.  This day-long competition began with an individual event, where Jing Xiang (Harry) Chen and Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang earned two perfect scores for the team.  Then the team completed a team event, as well as an intense relay event against twenty-eight other top schools in Canada.  Students Jing Xiang (Harry) Chen, Mugeng (Morgan) Lin, Zixi (Sam) Tang, Raymond Wu, Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang, and Jimmy Zhou collaborated seamlessly throughout the day, leading them to a 2nd place finish in the competition with a score of 194 out of 200.  The team, along with their coaches Ms. Do and Ms. Koon, are already getting excited for next year’s event. 

CTMC Team St. Robert (from left to right): Zixi (Sam) Tang, Mugeng (Morgan) Lin, Jing Xiang (Harry) Chen, Tian Yin (Sam) Zhang, Jimmy Zhou, Raymond Wu. Harry Chen is also the first place winner in the Desmos Global Math Art contest (Age 17-18 group) with his “Ammonite” art work.
Fryer, Galois, Hypatia Contest winners
Back row (from left to right): Andrew Zheng, Samuel Zhang, Darren Chu, Daniel Hu, Jimmy Zhou, Ethan Huang, Oscar Sun
Front Row (from left to right): Charlotte Wong, Feiyang Xu, Ruwan Kadam, Raymond Wu, Sam Zhang, Jeffrey Hu