Commissionings – Trustees and Senior Administration

A commissioning ceremony is held each time a new Trustee is elected and a new member of the Senior Leadership Team is hired. As elected officials and supervisory officers, Trustees and senior staff are called to serve the Board as stewards of Catholic education. The commissioning ceremony is a faith-filled way to recognize this responsibility to support our Catholic learning communities through collaborative leadership, compassion and accountability. Individuals being commissioned promise to provide Catholic leadership each day, in all that they do and say. They pledge to work with others for the good of our students and staff, and lead them in the light of Jesus Christ.

Recent Commissioning Ceremonies




Jonah James (Junior Student Trustee) and Mark Brosens (Senior Manager: Brand, Marketing & Communications)

Aug 30th Commissioning




Scott Morrow (Chief Information Officer)

Scott Morrow

Eugene Pivato (Associate Director) and Michelle Farrell (Human Rights and Equity Advisor)

Eugene and Michelle

Joel Chiutsi (Secondary Superintendent of Education) and Rocchina Antunes (Elementary Superintendent of Education)

Joel and Rocchina

Frank S.D. Alexander (Trustee: Markham Area 2)

Frank S.D. Alexander

Anthea Peta-Dragos (Student Trustee)

Anthea Peta-Dragos

Tim Laliberte (Elementary Superintendent of Education) and Siobhan Wright (Elementary Superintendent of Education)

Khaled Elgharbawy (Superintendent of Facilities and Plant)

Khaled Elgharbawy

Domenic Scuglia (Director of Education)

Domenic Scuglia