Move Over Group of Seven, Cardinal Carter Student’s Are the New Artists in Town!

York Catholic District School Board continues to recognize and support its students’ outstanding talents both inside and outside of the classroom. Several grade 12 Cardinal Carter CHS students will be participating in the 12th annual Mayor’s Celebration of Youth Arts, Art Show. 

Students Vera Ibrahim, Lauren Mayer, Alexis Pereira, and Mahyar Jaberi Koushki have spent countless hours creating and perfecting their brilliant masterpieces which will be displayed at the upcoming art show.

The show is a wonderful community engagement experience for these students where they get to showcase their artwork at a professionally displayed exhibit. 

Grade 12 students from all four high schools in Aurora are invited to take part in this annual event for emerging artists. Vera, Lauren, Alexis,and Mahyar will proudly be representing themselves with the support from Cardinal Carter CHS. 

The show promises to provide a full gallery experience for the Aurora community and beyond, making this a golden moment for the students to showcase their creative talents to fellow artists and to the general public. It is an excellent opportunity for the students to be immersed in the complete gallery experience.

These students will also learn first-hand the process involved in gallery curation. They will be able to assist with their artwork installation as well as the show’s setup. 

We congratulate Vera Ibrahim, Lauren Mayer, Alexis Pereira, and Mahyar Jaberi Koushki on all their hard work and dedication towards this Town of Aurora and Aurora Cultural Ctr initiative. 

The display is open to the public and will take place in the gallery space at the Aurora Town Hall beginning Saturday February 11 until Saturday March 18, 2023. Please join us in congratulating these talented students and show your support by going out to see all the incredible masterpieces these students have created.

For more detailed information and for the gallery hours, please visit the Aurora Cultural Centre website