Classroom Management

This course will introduce strategies for creating and supporting a safe, inclusive, learning-focused classroom—a process that begins with effective classroom management. Classroom Management examines how several different components of teaching are integral to creating and maintaining a positive, ethical, equitable, accepting, inclusive, engaging, and safe learning environment. You will explore processes that promote a collaborative … Continue reading “Classroom Management”

Religious Education in Catholic Schools, Part 1

This course supports the ongoing commitment of Catholic teachers to religious literacy, personal and communal renewal, and the building of faith community in our Catholic schools. The foundational component of in-depth scripture study coupled with faith development, liturgical celebration, and ethical studies through the Catholic lens enables teachers to make faith connections within themselves and … Continue reading “Religious Education in Catholic Schools, Part 1”

Health and Physical Education, P/J, Part 1

This Additional Qualification Course critically explores and enhances professional practices, critical pedagogies, knowledge, and skills as outlined in the Health and Physical Education, Primary and Junior course (Part I). Candidates will explore the philosophy and application of a healthy, active-living approach through opportunities to examine the teacher’s role within HPE and the healthy-schools framework. Successful candidates … Continue reading “Health and Physical Education, P/J, Part 1”