Eligibility Criteria

All YCDSB participants enrolled in Religious Education Courses pay course fees in the amount of $650 to YCDSB, at the time of registration.

  1. Conditions for Reimbursement
    1. For permanent employees enrolled in Parts 1, 2 or Specialist through YCDSB AQ Programs, full reimbursement of fees will continue as long as the budget allows
    2. If permanent employees complete Part 1 through an AQ Provider other than YCDSB, reimbursement of course fees up to a maximum of $500 will be given.
    3. For employees enrolled in Parts 2 and/or Specialist with an AQ Provider other than YCDSB, budget limitations do not allow for reimbursement of course fees.
    4. Full attendance is compulsory.
    5. Satisfactory completion of all course requirements.

    NB: Teachers who are not permanent with YCDSB (e.g., LTO’s) are not eligible for reimbursement of course fees due to budget restraints.

  2. Eligibility
    To determine eligibility for reimbursement, HR will confirm which candidates are permanent with the Board. Candidates registering for Parts 2 or Specialist must complete Part A of the Certification of Experience Form and submit to HR for verification.
  3. Courses taken with Providers other than YCDSB
    In accordance with the Collective Agreement, any permanent YCDSB teacher who takes Additional Qualification Religious Education Part 1 through other AQ Providers will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $500, once the Board receives proof of successful completion of the course (copy of OCT record or letter from Provider and proof of payment).Subsidy for Parts 2 and Specialist will only be considered if the courses are taken through YCDSB.