Day: October 1, 2018

Blessed Trinity Halloween Dance

The Much Music Video DJ returns to Blessed Trinity to celebrate Hallowe’en with a Hallowe’en Dance on Wednesday, October 31st. On Hallowe’en students may wear: – A Hallowe’en Costume. – Dress up in Hallowe’en Colours—Black and Orange. – Dress in their favourite civvies day attire—appropriate for school and Hallowe’en! For safety reasons, students are NOT to wear masks with their costumes. Students are NOT to ... Continue reading "Blessed Trinity Halloween Dance"

Active School Travel. Move more, move better.

What is Active School Travel?

You may have heard the terms Active Travel, Active School Travel, Active Transportation or Sustainable Transportation before. What do these terms mean?

Active School Travel is the use of any form of human-powered travel, such as walking or wheeling (including cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, or using a wheelchair) to get to and from school or to the ... Continue reading "Active School Travel. Move more, move better."