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The Great Big Crunch

Thursday, March 28, marks the 12th Anniversary of the Great Big Crunch. Since 2008, over one million “crunchers” have participated in this great initiative. The Great Big Crunch is a fantastic way to celebrate nutrition, raise awareness of various food discussions and encourage a sense of both school and national unity. Our BT students will collectively bite into their apples at 3:00 p.m. Thankyou to ... Continue reading "The Great Big Crunch"

Library Corner

Author Visit – Aubrey Clarke, author of multiple books including “Fly Little Blackbird Fly”, is returning, by popular demand! On Monday, March 18, Aubrey will visit with classes, by Grade, in our school library, speaking of his life story and journey as an artist and entrepreneur.

Create-A-Creator Program – Melissa Lyons, author of “I Will ... Continue reading "Library Corner"

Lenten Mass

Lent is a time of year when Christian people begin their journey toward Easter. During this time, we reflect on our lives and repent for the ways in which we failed to fully live out the call of our Baptism. The word “lent” means “springtime.” It comes from the same root as “lengthen,” since at least in our northern hemisphere, the days begin to lengthen ... Continue reading "Lenten Mass"

Carnaval/Carnevale Week!

The French and Italian Departments have organized a fun-filled Carnaval/Carnevale Week, taking place from Tuesday, February 19, to Friday, February 22. The Theme for this year’s Carnaval/Carnevale is “Le Carnaval au Soleil!”


Tuesday—Movie Day! Civvies Day Dress Attire: Wear your Favourite cozy Track Pants & Sweatshirt. Wednesday— ... Continue reading "Carnaval/Carnevale Week!"

Making Tracks Program

During the month of February, students in Grades 1, 2 and 3, will participate in the Making Tracks Program during their Physical Education class. This Program is developed by The York Region Health Department. This Program is designed to encourage students/children and their families to: safely use active transportation; to better preserve the environment; to increase people’s physical activity; and to improve traffic safety. The ... Continue reading "Making Tracks Program"