Year: 2018

Active School Travel. Move more, move better.

What is Active School Travel?

You may have heard the terms Active Travel, Active School Travel, Active Transportation or Sustainable Transportation before. What do these terms mean?

Active School Travel is the use of any form of human-powered travel, such as walking or wheeling (including cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, or using a wheelchair) to get to and from school or to the ... Continue reading "Active School Travel. Move more, move better."

Our amazing student Photographers!

Ms. Modica’s grade 11 photography class enjoyed a great day at the Toronto Zoo, interacting and taking brilliant photos of the animals.

Students applied their knowledge of angles and used their DSLR cameras to capture exceptional shots!

Student photos are also on display in the main office and be sure to check out the photography display in front of the cafeteria. ... Continue reading "Our amazing student Photographers!"

Carter Connects with Academy Award Winning Director

On Monday, September 17th, Cardinal Carter students in Ms. Brand’s Communications Technology class had the privilege of talking to Academy award winning Director Louie Psihoyos. The students had watched his 2010 Best Documentary The Cove and had lots of questions.

Despite a 3 hour time difference, Mr. Psihoyos met with us virtually to share insights and inspiration about filmmaking, photography, perseverance, and life. ... Continue reading "Carter Connects with Academy Award Winning Director"

Virtual fieldtrips to “La francophonie”

The cost of a field trip has never been so low or far-reaching. In our ongoing quest to be effective communicators in a second language, Grade 9 IB French students at Cardinal Carter used Virtual Reality to build intercultural understanding and connections as they “visited” French speaking countries around the globe.

In our efforts to be knowledgeable about the ... Continue reading "Virtual fieldtrips to “La francophonie”"