Canada Reads

These last couple of weeks have culminated in some very proud moments for me as an English teacher at Cardinal Carter.  I have had the opportunity to witness students truly caring about literature (and not just classical literature).  These students moved beyond their comfortable reading patterns and chose a supplementary book to read that was both contemporary and Canadian.  There was no need to look ... Continue reading "Canada Reads"

Exams are coming! Study Help Site Launched to Help Manage Workload

Exams are coming! I repeat, exams are coming! Many students feel the extra stress as their final assignment deadlines draw near and their exams loom in the not-so-distant future. The best strategy to cope? Proactivity.

The YCDSB has launched its Study Help Website to assist students with the extra workload they feel during this time of year and to be proactive when starting ... Continue reading "Exams are coming! Study Help Site Launched to Help Manage Workload"

Grade 9 Pre-IB ‘hangs out’ with Stephanie Gaglione

Failure is an important part of success. Though this seems contradictory to some, YCDSB alumni Stephanie Gaglione swears it was a crucially formative part of her journey. Ms. Gaglione

spoke with Grade 9 Pre-IB students yesterday morning to share messages of persistence and resiliency all the way from her post in the lab as a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford, UK.

... Continue reading "Grade 9 Pre-IB ‘hangs out’ with Stephanie Gaglione"

School Uniform – DGN Kilters Uniform Sale

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the weather gets warmer, we would like to remind everyone in our school community that non-uniform sweaters and jackets are not to be worn in the building during school hours. The purpose of the school uniform is to clearly identify members of our community.

The following are approved uniform items:

●      A ... Continue reading "School Uniform – DGN Kilters Uniform Sale"

Two Carter Students Among Four YCDSB Students to Attend National Competition in Nova Scotia

On Tuesday May 7th, 34 YCDSB students competed in the 30th annual Skills Ontario Trades and Technologies competition. Students had 2 months to prepare with a teacher mentor and competed against other school boards in a variety of competitions such as Robotics, Baking, Culinary, Automotive, Carpentry, TV/Video, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Hairstyling and many more. ... Continue reading "Two Carter Students Among Four YCDSB Students to Attend National Competition in Nova Scotia"

For the first time in YCDSB history 4 students

Carter Students Headed to Nationals after Ontario Skills Competition

On May 7th, 2019, 8 Cardinal Carter students participated in the Ontario Skills Competition alongside 22 other students from across YCDSB. We are thrilled to extend congratulations to all who participated, especially Erica Passacquale and Nicholas Gesualdo, who will be attending Nationals! Thanks to Ms. Brand, Mr. Cameron and the Tech Department for their encouragement and support of these students throughout!

Mr. Crescenzi ... Continue reading "Carter Students Headed to Nationals after Ontario Skills Competition"