Canadian Martyr’s Dress Code

The York Catholic District School Board’s Dress Code Policy (# 219A) states:

“In keeping with the distinctiveness of our Catholic schools we believe our dress code should foster: a sense of belonging and pride; a safe and respectful environment for learning and teaching; and a confident and positive sense of self and respect for the dignity and welfare of others.”   

At Canadian Martyrs School our Dress Code falls under the category of “Appropriate” which is defined as one in which students are required to “dress in clothes that are respectful, neat and clean”.

We require students abide by the following parameters in order to meet our Dress Code expectations:

  1. Clothing must cover the body and underwear.
  2. Clothing must not have tears and wear that exposes the body.
  3. Shorts, skirts and dresses must be long enough to extend to the fingertips when student’s arms are at their side.
  4. We do not allow halter tops, tank tops that have wide arm holes, tops with spaghetti straps (narrower in width than 3 fingers), tube tops, half-shirts, tops with cut-outs, tops made of mesh or netting type material, tops with low necklines (front or back).
  5. Shirts and tops must be long enough so no midriff is showing.
  6. Clothing must not have inappropriate or derogatory statements, language and/or representation (pictures) on attire that indicates gang affiliation and/or depicts violence, profanity or discrimination of any kind whatsoever or that otherwise demeans an identifiable individual or group.
  7. Hats are to be removed upon entry to the school.

Administration is permitted to exercise discretion to allow exceptions to the Dress Code or exceptions regarding compliance.