New Parking Lot Information

There have been major renovation of our parking lot that took place over the summer. It looks amazing and hopefully will be a safer set up. There are some major changes to the traffic flow out there now. I have attached a map that will assist you in understanding these changes. Please share this information with anyone who might pick up or drop of your children. We do continue to encourage families to send their children on their assigned bus, walk to school or park and walk a block, in order to diminish the amount of unnecessary traffic in our parking lot.

You will note there are now two drop off zones: one for the grade 1 to 8 students going to the back yard; and one for the Kindergarten students. These are “Kiss and Rides”, NOT PARKING PLACES. The expectation is that you drop your child and drive on. You should not need to get out of the vehicle yourself if you ensure your children have their bags beside them in the car. I will have two ECE staff (and will be getting some student monitors) who will stand at the Kindergarten drop off and assist the children in getting out of the car and will escort them to their yard. Please never allow your children to get out of the car in the live lane of traffic; have them debark on the sidewalk side of the drop off zones only.

Be aware that all but three parking spaces in the parking lot have officially been assigned to the school’s many staff members – DO NOT TAKE STAFF PARKING SPACES. We have designated spaces 1, 2 and 3 as Visitor Parking. If you feel you need to walk your child to their yard and those spots have already been taken, you need to park, legally, on one of the side streets. (Be aware that we have already asked the By-Law Officer to visit the school and ticket people who park illegally in traffic or fire lanes to encourage folks to keep traffic moving and, especially, to keep everyone safe.)

The route around the parking lot is one way only!! One of the major revisions is the widening of the lane in front of the school. This will allow us to use the two inner lanes for buses and one outside lane for cars to exit. As you leave the parking area you are required to make a right turn into that outside lane in the front. We ask that you be very cautious of children and adults using the crosswalk! This is an exit lane NOT FOR DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP PURPOSES!

Finally, be aware that at the end of the day, during bus pick up time, the exit out of the parking lot will be closed starting at 3:15 until the buses exit, usually around 3:45. If you need to get going earlier, you must park on the street and walk in to meet your children. In the past we have had many cars come early to park and wait for student to be dismissed. If they continue to do this, they will be forced to wait until the buses leave.

We thank you in advance for supporting us in keeping our parking lot safe!”