Forest of Reading Book Clubs

January marks the beginning of the Forest of Reading Book Clubs at Canadian Martyrs School.  The book clubs are broken down as follows:  the Blue Spruce Book Club is for Grades 1-3 and is open to all classes who wish to participate, the Silver Birch Express Book Club is for students interested in Gr 4-6, the Silver Birch Book Club is for more advanced novels for Gr. 5-6 and the Red Maple Book Club is open to those students in Gr. 7-8 who are interested. The Silver Birch Book Clubs and the Red Maple Book Club are for students interested in joining and meeting regularly during their lunch hour (about once a week) for discussions, book exchanges, and virtual author visits.  These book clubs require your child to read 10 books by the end of April, and then vote for their favourite one.  The books were selected by the Ontario Library Association and were written by Canadian authors within the last two years.   Only children may cast a vote for their favourite; it is their opinion that counts. The book with the most votes from all the Ontario children, receives an award which is announced in May.  The students and teachers look forward to these book clubs each year and enjoy the focus on reading for the joy of it!