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LEGO Club: Donations Needed

Mrs. Galati oversees all junior students for the LEGO Club every Tuesday during lunch recess in the library. The junior students will have an opportunity to build teamwork with their peers across grades and co-operatively build unique designs using LEGO. The main goal of the club is for students to build teamwork and collaboration. In addition, students will have a midday break where ... Continue reading "LEGO Club: Donations Needed"

Rafiki Bracelets

Starting Monday, Luke 4:18 will be starting a Rafiki Bracelet sales campaign to raise money for the ME to WE organization, Bracelets are handmade my women of Kenya known as mamas.  The revenues support their families and provide them with access to clean water, education, and medical services, things we take for granted. Luke 4:18 students will be circulating with the samples that are for sale

Bully B.R.A.V.E.

BULLY BRAVE is taking place this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Each class from FTK to Grade 8 will have a one on one lesson. BRAVE stands for Bully Resistance Anti-Violence Education and it is a highly acclaimed program. They modify the program to suit the grade level and the school – the teachers gave input on areas of need (for example the ... Continue reading "Bully B.R.A.V.E."


We have been fortunate in that so far we have only had a few days of extreme cold – however the unfortunate part is many students do not come properly dressed for the cold. Parents are reminded to ensure that your child comes to school dressed appropriately. We will be having indoor routines when the temperature (with or without a wind chill) is minus 20 ... Continue reading "WINTER WEATHER"