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Online Safety Presentation with Paul Davis

Please join us on November 13th at 7pm as we present renowned internet safety speaker, Paul Davis, for a straight‐ forward talk about social media, online safety, and internet privacy. Think you know what your child is doing online? Think again!

With over 25 years of experience in the IT profession, Paul Davis brings a common sense approach to safely managing the technology ... Continue reading "Online Safety Presentation with Paul Davis"

X-Movement Night

CTK School Council invites you to a fun family evening with X‐Movement on October 24, 2018 at 7pm. CTK students will experience X‐Movement’s X- Dance program during the day.  X Dance is a curriculum-based dance program that explores diversity through a high-energy and culturally rich dance experience. Students identify their unique characteristics, celebrate with the I am ... Continue reading "X-Movement Night"

High School Information Night For Parents / Guardians of Grade 8 students

Our York Catholic High Schools are looking forward to welcoming Grade 8 students to their upcoming High School Information Nights taking place this Fall.

The High School Information Night provides students and their parents with a chance to tour the high school facility, learn about the various programs and options available to them, and meet current staff and students who can ... Continue reading "High School Information Night For Parents / Guardians of Grade 8 students"

Concussion Protocol

Parents are advised that the Board has passed a new concussion policy and protocol which can be viewed on the Board’s website. Simply stated, a child suspected of a concussion will not be allowed to return to “play” until he/she has been cleared by a physician to do so. Paperwork informing the parents and guardians of their responsibilities will be sent home every time a ... Continue reading "Concussion Protocol"

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Flu Season is Here. A message from York Region Public Health

Get the flu shot as early as possible

The first and best step to preventing the flu (or influenza), is to get the flu shot every year. The flu spreads quickly and easily from an infected person to others and anyone can get it. Getting the flu shot can protect you, your family and those around you.

Students ... Continue reading "Flu Season is Here. A message from York Region Public Health"

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