Day: August 25, 2016

Members Of Our School Community With Severe Allergies

Please be aware that a member of our school community has a severe allergy to tree nuts. Even though all of our schools are nut-safe, we sometimes let our guard down or forget that members of our school community have life-threatening allergies. The specific allergy in this case is to tree nuts. A snack package that has the symbol linked to this news item does ... Continue reading "Members Of Our School Community With Severe Allergies"

Self-regulation And School Climate

Every parent and teacher wants their school to be safe and orderly. During our first PA Day last year, our staff set as a school goal to encourage students to be empathetic, reflective thinkers able to self-regulate. We believe that self-regulation is something that a child learns as he/she matures. As we move towards this goal, we ask that you support us and your child(ren) ... Continue reading "Self-regulation And School Climate"