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Drumming Lessons/Workshops


Black History Month Workshops – all classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 were given opportunities to sing, to play drums and to learn about the rudiments of music. Thank you Mr. Kingsmore.

February Presentation

Black History Month – February – Mr. R. Kingsmore visited Divine Mercy CES for Black History Month. He displayed various musical instruments to the students and included drumming lessons/workshops in the presentations. Students were excited and welcomed this experience of drumming and singing.  The opportunity to play drums was an awesome one.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our families. We extend best wishes and many blessings to all the families. Thank you for your ongoing support, it is truly appreciated.

Christmas Concert

The Divine Mercy CES community enjoyed a fabulous Christmas Concert. The gymnasium was filled with families eager to share in the holiday spirit. All classes participated in the Christmas Concert. Students shared songs, skits and varying musical instruments. Thank you to all Concert committee members including Ms. Chew, Ms. Payne, Ms. Perricciolo, Ms. D’Orazio and Ms. Tonelli. Thank you to Student Council members. Thank you ... Continue reading "Christmas Concert"