Canadian History, Identity and Culture: CHI4U (Grade 12, University Preparation)

Semester 1
Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English or social sciences and the humanities.
Credit Value

This course examines the evolution of a Canadian national identity. Students will learn how modern Canada was shaped by the interaction among Aboriginal peoples, the French, the English, and subsequent immigrant groups. This course will enable students to evaluate major social, economic, and political changes in Canadian history from pre-contact to the present. The understanding students gain through their examination of Canada’s historical and cultural roots will allow them to formulate a definition of what it means to be Canadian.

Units and Activities

Unit 1: Canada, Origins to 1774: Setting the Scene and Beyond

  1. Activity 1: Introduction to Canada: History, Identity and Culture
  2. Activity 2: Connections to the Land
  3. Activity 3: How has our Economic History Shaped our Canadian Identity?
  4. Activity 4: Conflict and Cooperation
  5. Activity 5: Whose story of Canada?
  6. Activity 6: Unit Summative

Unit 2: Canada: 1774-1867: Growing Pains

  1. Activity 1: The Conquests of Conquest
  2. Activity 2: Threats from Abroad and Turmoil Within
  3. Activity 3: Identity in Transition
  4. Activity 4: Canada comes of Age
  5. Activity 5: Unit Summative

Unit 3: 1867-1945: Transformation

  1. Activity 1: Setting the Context
  2. Activity 2: Canada comes of Age
  3. Activity 3: Canada on the World Stage 1867-1945: a time of unity or division?
  4. Activity 4: Canada Fails, Learns and Grows
  5. Activity 5: Unit Summative

Unit 4: Canada Since 1945: Coming of Age in a New World

  1. Activity 1: Forging an Identity in a Modern World
  2. Activity 2: Innovators, Reformers, and Pioneers
  3. Activity 3: Shaped by our Experiences
  4. Activity 4: Unit Summative

Unit 5: Course Culminating Activity