Luke 4:18 News: “Spare Change for REAL Change” Program

Dear GNA Community,

In collaboration with the ME to WE organization, our mission is to help families in Africa and Central and South America!

One of our goals this month is to raise a total of $300!  This will enable us to purchase a minimum of 5 goats at a cost of $50 per goat.

The goats will  have a significant impact!  Goats’ milk serves as a source of nourishment for a family but it also allows single mothers an opportunity to earn a wage.

By selling goats’ milk and cheese they can generate an income to be able to support the needs of their children.

By empowering women to have the ability to earn an income, you will also be supporting children who need to be nourished, educated and provided with the necessities of life they require to thrive and prosper.

We are inviting the school community to Join our Mission! 

Every classroom teacher will receive a baggie for the coins that are brought in. These baggies will be collected on Thursday morning. Please hold onto the pocket change until then.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please visit:

Let’s make a difference. Luke 4:18 Committee thanks you for your continued support and generosity.