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Le Carnaval Events at GNA

It is that time once again..C’est le Carnaval!

Please note the activities coming up:

Bingo words will be announced every morning during the announcements. There will also be a trivia question each day.

Students will be coming around to sell raffle tickets for the Baby Photo Contest. Students will also be coming around to tally points for daily theme ... Continue reading "Le Carnaval Events at GNA"

Safety Procedures for the GNA Drop off and Pick Up of Students

Safety Procedures at GNA for Pick Up and Drop Off

Parents and community members, kindly review the attached information for safety procedures in our pick up and drop off zones here at GNA. The safety of all of our students is a community effort to follow the procedures in place. Thank you for your ongoing support!


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Winter Clubs at GNA

The winter clubs will begin this week for our grades 1 to 4 students during the lunch hour in the library. Students are responsible for their materials and must adhere to the rules of play. Students may attend weekly or they may choose to play outdoors as these clubs provide an alternative form of play during the cold months.

See the attached letter ... Continue reading "Winter Clubs at GNA"