Remembrance Day

We will be holding our Remembrance Day Service on Friday November 9th at 10:45 in our school gymnasium. Parents and Guardians are welcome to attend.

During this month of remembrance, let us all take a moment to reflect on war and those who have passed away during the many conflicts in our history.

Spirit of God,

Move again over the waters

Of your creation,

Drawing life from the chaos.

Bring reconciliation to the nations,

Removing the bitterness,

Greed and hatred

That divide our hearts.

Inspire the minds of all leaders

With care for the needs of their people.


Let truth be standard

As we seek to bring about

A fair sharing of the goods of the earth.

Help us to know you,

The Father and Jesus,

Calling to mind Jesus’ words:

“As often as you did it to one of these,

The least of my brothers and sisters,

You did it to me”.

Help us also remember today

And throughout the year

To be at peace with ourselves

And accept others as God made them.


-B. Arbour