Our School

On behalf of our staff and partners in education, I welcome you to Good Shepherd Catholic School.~ Our mission is to provide the best education we can, within a Christ-centred learning~community.~ The quality of education at Good Shepherd can be attributed in large part to the~ dedication of teachers and support staff.~ Parents, the parish team, and members of our community provide us with tremendous support.~ We work together to develop challenging and rewarding learning experiences and a strong sense of mutual support, within this Catholic school community.

D. Ferri-Violante, Principal

Co-Curricular Programs

Athletic representatives from many schools organize an annual cycle of after-school sports each year.~ It includes Cross-Country Running, Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field.~ Students at Good Shepherd participate enthusiastically and in large numbers in these activities. “Intra-murals” provide all students opportunities to extend their skills in games taught within the Physical Education Program.~ Day trips, and some over-night excursions provide students with further opportunities to experience more individual outdoor sports.

Special Needs

Special Education is offered for children with needs that are identified as exceptional by Ministry of Education criteria.~ Instruction of all exceptional students relies on a partnership between classroom teachers and Core Resource Teachers, though the Core Resource Teachers are primarily responsible for the Individual Education Plan for these students.~ The school is also host to an Intensive Support and Assessment Centre for students whose learning disabilities are best addressed in that setting.

Catholic School Council

Our Catholic School Council functions as an advisory body to the school principal and on occasion to the board.~ The council provides advice on a variety of issues and reflects our school community.~ Although our community is quite small our Catholic School Council is very positive and active in supporting school and staff goals. They have contributed to the purchase of yard games, class equipment and materials, Grade 8 Graduation, school excursions, bussing for athletic activities, computers for our library computer lab, hot lunches (weekly), a milk program and other valuable school based student support activities. We thank them for their ongoing support.