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Christmas Concert

On December 11th at 6:30 p.m. our school community is invited to attend our Christmas concert featuring grades 1-3 students.  As well, there will be special performances by the choir, the Dance team, Bucket Drummers, Recorders and Vocal Ensemble.  All students in grades 4-8 were invited to participate in these special performances, if they wanted to take part in the Christmas concert. Thank you to ... Continue reading "Christmas Concert"

Progress Reports and Parent / Teacher Interviews

Progress reports will be sent home on November 20th, 2018. This Progress report is to inform parents/guardians of the progress their child has made to date. The report will be followed up with Parent/Teacher interviews in which teachers and parents will have an opportunity to celebrate students’ strengths as well as speak about areas for improvement and greater success.

Parent/ Teacher Interviews will ... Continue reading "Progress Reports and Parent / Teacher Interviews"

Safe Arrival

It is imperative that the Student Absence reporting number be called BEFORE 8:50 am for the current day if your child will be absent.  Please call     1-855-856-7862 or visit yorkcdsb.schoolconnects.com before the bell rings on the day of your child’s absence.  Planned absences may be reported in advance.

Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council members for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

Annalisa Mauti –  Chair

 Fayann Bobb – Co-Chair                  

Lisa Cinelli – Secretary

Angie Monteiro – Treasurer

Mina Aletto,   Stacey Svihla,   Jennifer Corsaro,   Mirella Natal,  Julie Gudreau

Our meetings take place in the school library. All parents ... Continue reading "Catholic School Council"

Book Fair and Bully Awareness Week : November 19-22

The Scholastic Book Fair begins on November 19th and runs through to November 22nd in our school library. Classes have the opportunity to go to the library to purchase books. There will also be open times for individual students to purchase books. On November 22nd the library will be open in the evening during parent-teacher interviews so that students can show their parents ... Continue reading "Book Fair and Bully Awareness Week : November 19-22"

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Flu Season is Here. A message from York Region Public Health

Get the flu shot as early as possible

The first and best step to preventing the flu (or influenza), is to get the flu shot every year. The flu spreads quickly and easily from an infected person to others and anyone can get it. Getting the flu shot can protect you, your family and those around you.

Students ... Continue reading "Flu Season is Here. A message from York Region Public Health"

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