As June arrives, many of us look forward to the end of another school
year and we anticipate the summer months and  well deserved holidays that come with it.  June is a month where there are not only many “lasts” but many “new beginnings” and “changes” to look forward to.

As we end a school year, we look forward to new beginnings next year and the years to come. Our grade 8 students will be having their “last” day of school at Holy Jubilee at the end of June, but are looking forward to new and exciting endeavours in high school. We wish them success in their future as they embark in another exciting journey in their lives!

Some staff members, noted in the school newsletter, will be sadly leaving us but they too will be starting fresh at other schools; bringing their many talents with them to share with others. Also noted in the newsletter, some staff members will be retiring. They will always be remembered for their accomplishments. We thank them for their years of hard work and dedication to our team. As one chapter ends, another begins. We congratulate them on their retirement!

Change is a constant process. With the passage of time everything goes on changing. However, there are certain things that remain unchanged. The intact and unchangeable thing is ethics or moral discipline we call “honesty”. In the month of June we celebrate and promote the virtue of honesty; which is one of the greatest virtues that we should adhere to in our life with the belief that it is an important aspect of human character. The word honesty signifies being trustworthy and loyal. Honesty is selflessness and upholding genuine relations in family and society.

The Kindergarten classes had a celebration of learning on June 11th in
the gym. They too will be looking forward to new beginnings in September! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!

The next meeting is on Wednesday June 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. All parents are welcome to attend. Thank you CSC for organizing the Family Movie Night on June 21ST..We thank the CSC for Our New Outdoor Classroom! It is a beautiful space for gathering and learning. We thank our CSC for all of their support throughout the school year and wish them a restful summer.

A special thank you to all the CSC members and all the parent volunteers for their time and commitment to Holy Jubilee School. We look forward to acknowledging their hard work during the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner taking place on June 12th at 5:30 p.m. in the Holy Jubilee Library before the CSC meeting.

Holy Jubilee will be celebrating other “lasts” for the school year. The Year End Mass will be held at St. David’s Parish on June 14th, at 10:00 a.m. The students will be bussed to and from the church.

The Grade 8 Graduation Mass is on June 21ST at 10:00 a.m. at St. David’s Church for Grade 8 students. Parents are welcome to attend.

Family Movie Night will take place on Friday, June 21, 2019. If it rains, the movie will be shown in the gym. There will be food trucks this year so bring your appetites. There will also be inflatables for students to enjoy with parent permission. Waivers must be signed. Thank you to the CSC for organizing this amazing community building event.

GRADE 8 GRADUATION is on June 25th at 5:30 p.m. at Montecassino
(Woodbridge). Please see the invitation that was sent home.

On June 26th, all of our students will receive a free pizza lunch from Food for Kids and Vaughan in Motion. Our students raised the 2nd most amount of money for this amazing cause. Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Report cards will go home on the last day of school, Thursday, June 27th. Please note that this last day of school is a full day. Classes will be dismissed at 3:40 pm. NEXT YEAR’S TEACHER’S NAMES WILL NOT BE PRINTED ON THE REPORT CARDS. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL ON THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER’S NAME AND CLASS.