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Coby’s Anti-Bullying Show Comes to Holy Name!

 Anti-Bullying Week continues at Holy Name as it  welcomes Coby’s Anti-Bullying Show on Wednesday, November 27.  We invite our Catholic community of learners to three shows taking place in our school gym: FDK-Grade 1 –“Sharing is Caring” at 9: 30 am -10:15 am, Grades 2-5 “Verbal and Physical Bullying” at 10:50 am -11:50 am and ... Continue reading "Coby’s Anti-Bullying Show Comes to Holy Name!"

Tribal Families Continue at Holy Name!

Anti-Bullying week is November 18 to 22, Holy Name is once again participating in school wide Tribal Families lead by our grade 8 students on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.  This is student leadership in action as student lead activities focus on reinforcing Tribes Agreements : attentive listening, appreciation-no put downs, the right to participate or pass and mutual respect.  Holy Name will continue it’s commitment ... Continue reading "Tribal Families Continue at Holy Name!"

Holy Name November Mass … Please join us!

We cordially invite the Holy Name school community to celebrate our November mass on Tuesday, November 19 at 9:30 am in the school gym.  Our celebrant Father John, staff and students will come together in prayer.  Please join us as we prepare our hearts and minds to receive God’s word.  All are welcomed and invited to attend.